hospitality and travel pr for the 21st century


Why use our dynamic integrated multimedia PR?
Because it creates more customers, improves your search rankings and makes you more money.

Small Media Large offers a very different kind of travel PR, combining online communications with search marketing with media relations with customer conversations. Megaphone marketing doesn't work any more. Instead, we treat PR as public relationships and we use every tool in the box, every technology at our disposal, to hold the market's attention and increase your business.

We have a great list of established media contacts but that is just half the story. These days you also have to get your message out to a global media which is using the internet to search for and research stories. That is where our online media room pays dividends, reaching the parts other PR agencies don't reach. We monitor what the media says about you. We amplify the good bits online and tackle any negative publicity head on. Result: more and better media coverage.

Besides reaching out to the media, we use the internet to speak directly to a market which is increasingly online searching for, or researching your services. We help you build relationships with customers before they are even ready to buy. We also help you cement relationships with established customers to make sure they come back. Result: more customers through the door.

It is tough to grab people's attention, particularly online. That is why we use a variety of media to engage the public. Why just tell people what you do, when you can show them in video footage or an audio link? The technology is fun, and a lot cheaper than it used to be, but it's the creativity which counts. Result: more effective communications.

Customers are talking about you. They always have done. The difference now is that thanks to the internet, they can have a real and immediate effect on your business and this is not something you should leave to chance. We don't. We generate campaigns to encourage people to create content which will inspire people to come and see you. This can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Result: more positive reviews and better search rankings.

What we do

What we do will always start with what you do. Tell us your goals: more online bookings, selling more premium services, increasing your return visitors. One we have established a common goal, we develop a strategy: for example better media exposure, higher search rankings, improved customer communications.
Then we pick the best approach and the most effective tools to deliver the results. We don't want to sound like jacks of every trade here but we do pull together a lot of different skills to get the job done.

  • Search engine strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Community building
  • Online video and audio
  • Media presentations
  • Brand blogging
  • Customer competitions
  • Media training
  • Online monitoring
  • Social media marketing
  • Online media rooms